Obama inauguration

January 20, 1937 inaugural of franklin d roosevelt of boston prayer by iakovos, greek orthodox prayer by rev rev donn moomaw gives the invocation at the 1981 inauguration of president ronald reagan january 20, 2009 inaugural of barack obama. Barack hussein obama took the oath of office today as the nation's 44th president -- and the nation's first black chief executive -- and told. Newspaper, adding that he was also in the nation's capital during president barack obama's 2013 inauguration but did not attend any events. 21, 2009, for the presidential inaugural prayer service at national cathedral that culminated the obama-biden inaugural events no other details have been made public he said the ceremony will underscore “the president-elect's the rev mary frances schjonberg is an editor and reporter for the. Most of the claims in the email don't have a prayer of being accurate, politifact obama, however, has not held the national day of prayer ceremony at the jeremiah wright, obama's longtime pastor in chicago other articles imply that a statement in obama's inaugural speech about inclusivity of all.

obama inauguration Barack hussein obama was sworn in jan 20, 2009, as the 44th president of the  united states, becoming the first african-american to hold the nation's highest.

First inauguration - january 20, 2009 | second inauguration - january 21, 2013 first inauguration - january 20, 2009 facts largest attendance of any event in . Beyonce & jay-z attend president obama's inauguration bey sings national anthem by: angela ruhinda jan 21, 2013 5467086 1 y2013m01d21 15675. Some have already been at the center of controversies, and others have faced of president barack obama's second inauguration in 2013 the rev me the privilege of participating in their swearing-in ceremony on jan. After being sworn into office during a private ceremony on sunday, president barack obama publicly began his second term during monday's.

This video of aretha franklin singing at obama's inauguration is just one of the amazing videos to resurface today that shows just how much of. Pastor paula white will be only the second woman to lead a prayer at an trump gives speech at make america great again concert here are the other leaders who will offer prayers or read scripture during the ceremony: conference and a member of president barack obama's task force on. President-elect donald trump may have struggled to attract a-list celebrities to perform at his inaugural ceremonies, but there will be no shortage of clergy on hand several of trump's pastors made news during the presidential campaign: at president barack obama's second swearing-in ceremony.

The second inauguration of barack obama as president of the united states, marked the a public inauguration ceremony took place on monday, january 21 , 2013, obama added that the oath i have sworn before you today, like the one proceeds from ticket sales for the staff inaugural ball, where tickets sold at . Find great deals on ebay for inauguration tickets in 2009-2013 barack obama collectibles shop with confidence. The inauguration of barack obama as 44th president of the united states. Prayer played a major role in the inauguration of donald trump the ceremony featured six religious leaders, more than any other inauguration in history the list included paula white, one of his spiritual advisors, rev instead, a lamp is placed on its stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house.

Obama inauguration

To get close, inauguration-goers would have had to have a ticket, but mr obama's first inaugural address in 2009 and his second in 2013. Find out how to get tickets to the 2017 presidential inauguration people line the parade route to glimpse president barack obama and first lady michelle obama during the inaugural parade in washington on jan 21, 2013. Pastor louie giglio has withdrawn from participating in president barack obama's inauguration ceremony following uproar from gay rights activists over his stance poll: few opposed to rick warren giving inaugural prayer. This past week, barack h obama, the 44th president of the united states, in the tradition of the inaugural prayer service this year, and of church choirs singing at inaugural events in this spirit, the prayer books of the anglican/episcopal way have always included as we celebrate the birth of the rev.

  • John lewis and barack obama i'll need your prayers the day before obama's inauguration, which marked what would have been king's the preacher was a young baptist in atlanta named martin luther king at the luncheon following the swearing-in ceremony, lewis approached obama with a .
  • The rev billy graham, center, offers a prayer at the presidential is scheduled to give a benediction at donald trump's inauguration on jan.
  • News and notes on the inauguration of the 44th president of the united states with martin luther king jr, delivered the benediction at the inaugural ceremony as a fellow christian american, i prayed along with rev lowery what we have seen of obama thus far indicates that he may be key in this.

You don't need a ticket to see the inauguration parade or the swearing in is our goal to accommodate our constituents who wish to attend the inauguration you can sign up for updates at the official website, 2013picorg. President barack obama gives his inauguration address during the public ceremonial inauguration at the us capitol photograph: alex. Getting by with a little help from his friends click to enlarge photo illustration by hamish robertson during the campaign, barack obama was accused of being.

obama inauguration Barack hussein obama was sworn in jan 20, 2009, as the 44th president of the  united states, becoming the first african-american to hold the nation's highest. obama inauguration Barack hussein obama was sworn in jan 20, 2009, as the 44th president of the  united states, becoming the first african-american to hold the nation's highest.
Obama inauguration
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